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About Us

FastPong has received awards as the best tech. startup company in Seoul, Korea. We developed a new system for table tennis players of all levels to digitalise and track their performance with real-time metrics.

We are fortunate to be working with talented manufacturers, suppliers, engineers and software developers who have helped bring our product to market. Our employees appreciate the friendly and enthusiastic responses that we have been receiving from around the world.

Please feel free to say hello if you see us at a competition, exhibition or other event.

FastPong Management



"I can only imagine how great this would have been as a training tool during my professional career."

- Amir Kamandi, BSc MSc
Chief Executive Officer

"The firmware is written like a poem, but don't look at it, it's too bright, it will make your eyes bleed!"

- Kie Brooks, BSc MSc PhD DIC
Chief Technology Officer