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Watch our getting started videos to see how simple it is to set up the FastPong system.
If you have other support questions then check the FAQ or send us an email.

Getting Started

Set up your device in under 90 seconds.

FastPong System

External Display

Connecting the Ball Sensor

System Set Up Video Tutorial

External Display Set Up Video Tutorial

Connecting the Ball Sensor


Setting up the system is simple and easy

  1. Place the boards on the table and push them firmly together.
  2. Attach the ball sensor to the robot ball shooter and the FastPong system.
  3. Plug in the power, switch the system on and you are ready to train.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Is there a longer, more in depth video tutorial?

Yes, this full system tutorial covers everything.

2 Where can I download the manual for the FastPong system and the external display?

We don't think that you will need it, but if you really want it:

3 Does this device work without any bluetooth connection?

Yes, but for the best experience, connect using the mobile app on your phone.

4 Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world, but if you buy directly from us, rather than your local distributor, your country may charge you import duty/tax. Import duties / tax are not included in the prices advertised on our website.

5 Can I make a payment directly to your account?

Yes. If you wish to make a direct transfer to our account in Korea then just get in touch and we will send you full details.

6 How accurate is the ball speed shown in the mobile app?

The ball speed is an approximation calculated using the time between the ball passing the ball sensor and hitting the tile sensor. It is based on an approximate ball-shooter speed of 12mph. The speed and angle of the ball shooter, and the return tile will all affect the time.
The calculated speed is an approximation that should give an indication of the ball speed as well as a general idea whether you are getting faster or slower. If you require an exact speed then you will need to either use a radar speed gun or do a video camera frame by frame analysis.

7 I have another question not answered in this FAQ.

You can send us an email or use the online form.

Got a burning question for us?

Ask us anything you want about FastPong! We’d love to answer ;)